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Program times are US Eastern Time (EDT).

Monday, October 19th

09:00-12:00 EDT Session 1: Tutorial - Causal Reasoning Tutorial

09:00 EDT - David Blei - Causal Reasoning Tutorial

12:30-13:30 EDT Session 2: Keynote 

12:30 EDT - Mihaela van der Schaar - AutoML and interpretability: powering the machine learning revolution in healthcare

14:00-15:30 EDT Session 3: Plenary Session - Methodology

14:00 EDT - Yu Gui - ADAGES: adaptive aggregation with stability for distributed feature selection

14:20 EDT - Chenglin Fan and Ping Li - Classification Acceleration via Merging Decision Trees

14:40 EDT - Sarah Tan, Matvey Soloviev, Giles Hooker and Martin T. Wells - Tree Space Prototypes: Another Look at Making Tree Ensembles Interpretable

15:00 EDT - Miguel Carreira-Perpinan and Arman Zharmagambetov - Ensembles of bagged TAO trees consistently improve over Random Forests, AdaBoost and Gradient Boosting

15:45-17:15 EDT Session 4: Plenary Session - Fairness, Privacy, Interpretability

15:45 EDT - Collin Burns, Jesse Thomason and Wesley Tansey - Interpreting Black Box Models via Hypothesis Testing

16:05 EDT - Ruobin Gong and Xiao-Li Meng - Congenial Differential Privacy under Mandated Disclosure

16:25 EDT - Roland Maio and Augustin Chaintreau - Incentives Needed for Low-Cost Fair Data Reuse

16:45 EDT - Isabella Grasso, David Russell, Jeanna Matthews, Abigail Matthews and Nick Record - Applying Algorithmic Accountability Principles and Frameworks to Ecosystem Forecasting: A Case Study in Forecasting Shellfish Toxicity in the Gulf of Maine

Tuesday, October 20th

09:00-12:00 EDT Session 5: Tutorial - Fairness, Privacy, and Ethics in Data Science Tutorial

09:00 EDT - Michael Kearns - Fairness, Privacy, and Ethics in Data Science Tutorial

12:30-13:30 EDT Session 6: Keynote

12:30 EDT - Oren Etzioni - Semantic Scholar, NLP, and the Fight Against COVID-19

14:00-15:50 EDT Session 7: Plenary Session - Data Science Theory

14:00 EDT - Alex Fout, Bailey Fosdick and Matthew Hitt - Non-Uniform Sampling of Fixed Margin Binary Matrices

14:20 EDT - Claire Mathieu and Michel De Rougemont - Large very dense subgraphs in a stream of edges

14:40 EDT - Xiangyi Chen, Xiaoyun Li and Ping Li - Toward Communication Efficient Adaptive Gradient Method

15:00 EDT - Tianyu Wang, Weicheng Ye, Dawei Geng and Cynthia Rudin - Towards Practical Lipschitz Bandits

15:20 EDT - Devavrat Shah, Varun Somani, Qiaomin Xie and Zhi Xu - On Reinforcement Learning for Turn-based Zero-sum Markov Games

16:00-18:00 EDT Session 8: Plenary Session - Foundations in Practice

16:00 EDT - Ryan Bernstein, Matthijs Vákár and Jeannette Wing - Transforming Probabilistic Programs for Model Checking

16:20 EDT - Haitian Chen, Bai Jiang and Hao Chen - StyleCAPTCHA: CAPTCHA based on style-transferred images to defend against Deep Convolutional Networks

16:40 EDT - Lina Lin, Mathias Drton and Ali Shojaie - Statistical significance in high-dimensional linear mixed models

17:00 EDT - Thanh Le and Vasant Honavar - Dynamical Gaussian Process Latent Variable Model for Representation Learning from Longitudinal Data